Studying the Arts in Medieval Bohemia II: Production, Reception and Transmission of Knowledge at the University of Prague c. 1348–1500 Conference

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Організатори: Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences

Дедлайн: 01.07.2020

The University of Prague, founded in 1348 as the first European university east of the Rhine and north of the Alps, was one of the most important universities in the Holy Roman Empire until the crisis of 1409, when German scholars left Prague. Its students and teachers hailed from almost every corner of Europe, with the majority coming from Central Europe. Since its foundation, the university had accepted the doctrines of other European centres of learning, such as Oxford and Paris, but also gradually began to serve as an institution that produced and disseminated knowledge to other universities and schools, such as Cracow.

Similar to its 2016 predecessor, this conference aims to explore better the processes of the production, reception and transmission of knowledge in Central Europe, with an emphasis on the University of Prague and in particular its Faculty of Arts around 1348–1500. We welcome proposals that focus on the doctrines and texts associated with the Prague Faculty of Arts and its students and masters (including physicians and theologians), as well as papers dealing with broader topics in which the Prague Faculty of Arts and its members played a part or had a more distant role. Proposals covering other centres of knowledge in connection with the Prague Faculty of Arts as well as contributions to the study of philosophy and other related disciplines in medieval Bohemia outside the Faculty of Arts are also welcome.

Practical information

The conference will be hosted by the Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences, situated in the historical centre of Prague, Czech Republic. There will be approximately 14 papers (30 minutes, followed by a discussion). The conference languages are English and French.

We will be able to arrange accommodation for all participants and to reimburse the travel and accommodation expenses of selected participants with lack relevant funding.

Proposals for papers (abstracts of no more than 250 words) must be submitted to the organiser by the end of June 2020 as a Word or PDF document. Please add your name, e-mail address, and some information about your academic affiliation, and inform us whether you would like to apply for reimbursement of expenses. Those who submit successful proposals will be notified in July 2020.

Reworked papers that pass the review process are planned to be published in a collective volume with a respected publishing house.

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